Trade associations

Swedish Consumer Care association
Swedish Consumer Healthcare organizes 75 percent of suppliers of natural and herbal medicines, herbal remedies, dietary supplements, sports nutrition, weight loss products and other foods for specific purposes.

The Swedish Pharmacy Association
The Swedish Pharmacy Association is the trade association for pharmacy operators and currently has 11 member companies representing nearly 100 percent of the pharmacy market in Sweden.
The Swedish Pharmacy Association represents almost all pharmacies in Sweden and their owners and are working to create good conditions for pharmacy operators in the Swedish Market.

Swedish Association of independent Pharmacists

KTF – The Swedish Cosmetics, Detergents and Toiletries Association,
KTF – The Swedish Cosmetics, Detergents and Toiletries Association is a trade association of companies that import, manufacture or market cosmetics (incl products for professional use) and detergents. The organization has approx. 120 member companies.