Sales Force

Training of pharmacy staff and "In Store Execution" is essential to develop sales in pharmacies. Our sales force takes care of both,

The pharmacy staff needs to know the benefits of your product to be able to recommend it to the consumers. The staff only recommends products where they have a good knowledge about the product´s benefits and effects. For you as a supplier, to succeed in pharmacy sales, the training of pharmacy staff is vital. Our pharmacy consultants take full responsibility for the implementation of such training.

Our sales reps also do a substantial store check in every visit. The consultants measure distribution and retail coverage. They check that the Products are presented on the shelves, with the right consumer information and price, that planograms are followed and that promotions are displayed according to agreement.

You as Principal can define av number of questions that the consultants will answer in connection with their visit. It may be questions about the customer's and staff´s view on the Products or simply registering what they see in the stores. Information which is vital for the strategic development of a product range.

Blue Ocean Sales has a carefully selected sales force with a medical background. The sales force regularly visits the major pharmacies. We are reviewing the classification of the pharmacies daily to know exactly which pharmacies are most important, saleswise. The sales rep´s work with both OTC and consumer healthcare products as well as prescription drugs (RX). All consultants are LIF-certified. The sales team focus on a qualitative visit where the message gets through, store exposure is checked and prerequisites for increased sales are generated.

The sales force has achieved excellent results. The results are documented by independent research firms.


Pharmacy sale representatives: Anita, Michaela, Ekatarina and Gabrielle