Consulting -we increase sales and build brands

We help with presentations to central purchasers, distributors or wholesalers. Once the product is listed with a chain, we offer our help to maintain and develop the business as well as ongoing relations to one or more pharmacy chains. We act as pharmacy Key Account Manager (KAM). We also work with Trade Marketing such as: in-store materials and promotions, educational materials and events. It may be for shorter or longer assignments.

We have access to the most qualified consultants in Healthcare, people with a long background from the largest Health and Beuty Care brands. Consultants are also available for hire.

A decision about a product launch is often preceded by an analysis on market trends, competitors, pricing, opportunities and threats etc. It includes work as: Business Plan, Marketing Plan, Activity Plan, Launch Preparation, analysis of legal restrictions and controls, Public Relations and design for the Swedish market, including a translation of packaging. These are examples of consulting services that Blue Ocean Sales provides.