Niconovum warmly welcome as new customer!

Niconovum was founded in year 2000 by Karl Olov Fagerstrom, a world leading expert in smoking cessation and nicotine addiction. The company develops and sells nicotine products that are consumer friendly, comfortable, effective and fast working.

In year 2009, Niconovum was acquired by Reynolds American Inc, which continues to invest heavily in the market and to develop new products.

Niconovum’s products are sold under the brand Zonnic® in the Swedish pharmacies. The products are Zonnic®Mouth spray, Zonnic®Pouch and Zonnic®Tablet.

As from May, and the rest of year 2017, Blue Ocean Sales will assist Niconovum to spread the message and train pharmacy staff about the products. A mission we are particularly happy and grateful for as the products aim at reducing a major public health problem – smoking.

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