Biocodex launches Precosa as a non prescription drug (OTC)

We are contracted to help Biocodex launch Precosa as a non-prescription drug (OTC).  Blue Ocean Sales is expanding its collaboration with Biocodex, a pharmaceutical company with HK in Paris and with representation in over 100 countries. We have during 2018 helped Biocodex with the pharmacy listings in connection with their plan for launching a number of new products in Sweden. The drug Precosa has now been reclassified to a non prescription drug (OTC) and will be in the pharmacy shelves.  Our pharmacy consultants will educate the pharmacies on the product. Precosa is a drug that prevents antibiotic-associated diarrhea.  At the same time, the launch of Symbiosys Alflorex, a probiotic dietary supplement, will take place and will be their second product launch in Sweden this year.

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