Who are we?


Birgitta Strömberg
VD, Consultant

Birgitta has worked with FMCG "Fast Moving Consumer Goods" in the last 20 years. Previous positions include: Brand Manager Colgate Palmolive, Marketing Manager, L'Oréal, Marketing Director Wine & Spirits Wine Division Sweden. Since 2005, Birgitta has worked as a consultant in FMCG marketing. Birgitta holds a BA in Business Administration from Stockholm University.


Josephine Strömberg

Josephine most recently comes from a position as Category Manager and Strategic Assortment Planner in e-commerce at Apoteket Hjärtat centrally. Josephine has a strong background in e-commerce and she has previously developed Apotek Hjärtat's new omnichannel strategy. During the years 2009-2017, she worked for the clothing chain H&M with the development of the company's digital platform, for example in a position as “online and shopside strategic planner”. Josephine holds a Bachelor's Degree, Bachelor's degree, from Amsterdam (Amsterdam Fashion Institute Hogeschool van Amsterdam) and High Shcool degree from the USA.


Odgerel Oyunbayar
Marketing and Accounting

Odgerel has a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and has also studied Economics at Stockholm university. Odgerel previously worked in a project assignment for Swedbank. Odgerel has worked as an interpreter during her studies. With a background from Mongolia Odgerel speaks, in addition to Swedish and English, also Mongolian and Russian. The studies in Business Administration and Economics have been supplemented with courses at the Art College, Konstfack, Stockholm.


Ulrika Risberg
Office assistent

Ulrika has originally and exam within travel and tourism. She has worked at the Freech Tourist Office for many years and as a travel coordinater with Management consultancy firm McKinsey. After devoted herself to children and family for a number of years, Ulrika has joined us to assist with administration and customer service.


Ekaterina Dimitrova & Anna-Lena Gustafsson
Pharmacy sale representatives

Ekaterina (Katja) Dimitrova
Bachelor of pharmacy

Anna-Lena Gustafsson
Qualified Dietician


Gabrielle Holmgren & Anita Vilhjalmsson
Pharmacy sale representatives

Gabrielle Holmgren
Bachelor of pharmacy

Anita Vilhjalmsson
Qualified Nurse.