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We got a lot of new assignments under 2018 and continue to work long turn during many years. The new assignments can you read under each news post here in the news section.

We thank are current customers and are welcoming our news with open arms!

With reason for covid-19

We closely monitor developments and have adapted the operations to the Public Health Authority’s regulations on everyone’s responsibility to prevent infection as follows • Employees work from home as far as possible • unnecessary travel at work is avoided • digital meetings are held • The office is airily furnished and with few staff present … Read moreWith reason for covid-19

Orifarm Generics – a new client

Blue Ocean Sales Scandinavia AB and Orifarm Generics AB has signed a contract for pharmacy education in the Autumn of 2014. Orifarm Generics is an international Company, and a rapidly growing provider of parallel imports and generic products. Their mission is to provide quality medicines at low cost, which creates savings for society and patients.

Aptiless launched with our help

Aptiless is dietary supplement which in the fall 2015 will be launched at the pharmacy chains Apotek Hjärtat and LloydsApotek. Blue Ocean Sales will help Medica Clinical Nord educating pharmacy staff on the Product. Aptiless is a modern lifestyle Product for healthy eating which has been developed by Swedish researchers from the University of Lund, … Read moreAptiless launched with our help

Agreement with Novo Nordisk on Vagifem

Blue Ocean Sales has in Spring 2015 been contracted by Novo Nordisk to help launch and educate about Vagifem which is now being launched as an OTC drug. Vagifem (estradiol vaginal tablets) is used for the treatment of the symptoms of vaginal atrophy due to estrogen definicency. Blue Ocean Sales has previously provided services to … Read moreAgreement with Novo Nordisk on Vagifem

Blue Ocean Sales reach high customer satisfaction

We will measure customer satisfaction regularly after completion of each sales period and assignment. The survey includes 10 questiobs with a ratin between 1 – 4 on each quetion, where the value 4 is the highest or the best. Questions cover, among other things: – If our work resulted in increased sales – Of our … Read moreBlue Ocean Sales reach high customer satisfaction

Store Check

With our new service “Store Check” you get a report of how your products and promotions are presented in the pharmacies, at the different chains. The reports provide and excellent opportunity for analysis and identification of the areas of improvement in the pharmacy environment. Any faults can quickly be corrected. You get an overview of … Read moreStore Check

Cooperation with Novo Nordisk extended

A new agreement has been signed with Novo Nordisk for spring 2016. Blue Ocean Sales will continue pharmacy training for the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk and their product Vagifem, a local estrogen therapy. The Product has been reclassified from av prescription to a non-prescription drug and is now available over the counter in all pharmacy … Read moreCooperation with Novo Nordisk extended

Lumene signs up for Store Check

During 2015 we launached the service “Store Check”. The service aims to help suppliers gain Control of what happens in the pharmacies where their products are sold. Lumene has signed a contract for the service throughout 2016. This means that Blue Ocean Sales will check the distribution of listed products, check any change of testers, … Read moreLumene signs up for Store Check

Bausch & Lomb launches more Thera Pearl products

The collaboration with Bausch & Lomb continues this spring when Bausch & Lomb launsches more products in the Thera Pearl portfolio. The products are Thera Pearl Multizones, Thera Pearl Back and Neck wraps and Thera Pearl Kids (Pals). The new Thera Pearl products are soothing cool or heat treatments for active treatment of aches, pains … Read moreBausch & Lomb launches more Thera Pearl products