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We got a lot of new assignments under 2018 and continue to work long turn during many years. The new assignments can you read under each news post here in the news section.

We thank are current customers and are welcoming our news with open arms!

Procter and Gamble is now launching a new range of electric toothbrushes

40 percent of the Swedes brush their teeth with an electric toothbrush. The number is increasing and many are positive to trying. Now Oral-B introduces a special assortment of electric toothbrushes only in  pharmacies. The new range of electric toothbrushes from Procter & Gamble is launched under the name Oral-B Professional Gum Care and is … Read more

Doktor24 a new customer in the fall 2019

Doctor24 is a new customer. We help them educate pharmacy staff on how the customer can quickly and easily renew prescriptions directly on site with the help of their mobile phone and bank id, if it turns out that their prescriptions have expired. Doctor24 is a 24-hour digital medical service owned by the healthcare company … Read more

We will help educate about Hedrin® – again

Throughout the fall, Blue Ocean Sales will educate current pharmacy chains about Mundipharma’s Hedrin® loose products, which are non-prescription and are available in various categories. Similar training was made last fall and is now relevant again. The fall is a time when loose treatment become very needed in families with children and the pharmacies receive … Read more

Sales support to Biocodex continues

This fall, Blue Ocean Sales continues its collaboration with Biocodex, a pharmaceutical company with headquarters in Paris and with representation in over 100 countries. Starting 2018, we have helped Biocodex with listings on the pharmacy chains in connection with their launch of a number of new products in Sweden. Today we also support their launch … Read more

Another and new assignment for Sandoz

We are very pleased that the cooperation with Sandoz continues in the spring of 2019. Just in time for the allergy season, we will work with Sandoz allergy products that are available in different categories both in tablet form and as nasal spray. The products are: Desloratidine Sandoz 5 mg tablets, Mommox nasal spray, Cetirizin … Read more

Pharmacy briefing about Femarelle

We have gained the confidence of Nordic Consumer Health to educate all pharmacy chains on the product Femarelle in the spring 2019. This is a dietary supplement for the various phases of menopause; All products contain the patented soybean extract DT56a, which in several studies has been shown to have a positive effect on the … Read more

Biocodex launches Precosa as a non prescription drug (OTC)

We are contracted to help Biocodex launch Precosa as a non-prescription drug (OTC).  Blue Ocean Sales is expanding its collaboration with Biocodex, a pharmaceutical company with HK in Paris and with representation in over 100 countries. We have during 2018 helped Biocodex with the pharmacy listings in connection with their plan for launching a number … Read more

Enlund Nutrition AB and MorEPA

Enlund Nutrition AB is another customer that we now welcome. Enlund Nutrition sells a number of healthfood products under the brand name MorEPA. Omega 3 from MorEPA is the only Omega 3 supplement in the world that is EMAS-certified, has coldpressed manufacturing, varying doses of EPA and DHA. It is one of the markets most … Read more

Xilaplus®, a first assignment for Sandoz

We help Sandoz, a division within Novartis, with a first assignment. It concerns salesbriefing of the product Xilaplus® to selected pharmacies. Xilaplus® is a new effektive acute treatment for diarrhea. Without the side effect of interfering with the intestine, which means that Xilaplus® does not affect the normal movements of the intestine but instead immediately … Read more